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QuadMed- Emergency_Medical_Supplies

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QuadMed-The first source for Emergency Medicine



Emergency Medicine is medical for the care of patients suffering from undifferentiated or unscheduled illness or injuries. The emergency physicians have the responsibility to analyze and treat the patients in the phase of acuteness. These physicians need a variety of medicines in order to cure the patients properly. These medicines can be easily found at QuadMed, the best companion for you in case of emergency situations.


The physician or the paramedic, after thorough diagnosis of the patient, consults with other specialists and make decisions in relation to the patient’s need for admission in the hospital, further observation, or discharge. The practice of the emergency drugs includes firstly the observation of patient and then the requirement for the deposition of the patient to the expeditious medical, surgical, or psychiatric care is analyzed.


Usage of Emergency Drugs Emergency Drugs

Location is not the right aspect to define the usage of Emergency Medicine as it can be practiced in various settings. These settings includes the urgent care clinics, EDs or better known as hospital-based or freestanding emergency departments, observation medicine units, sites of disaster, vehicles of emergency medical response etc.


QuadMed basically acts as a helping-hand for all these kinds of settings providing them the right medicine they want at the right time. The quick delivery service provided by the site caters the emergency needs of all the emergency departments.









Emergency Drug Specialists Drug Specialists

The field of Emergency Drugs involves the care of the patients suffering from internal medical as well as surgical conditions. Emergency Physicians are the foundation of the emergency departments who possess a clear understanding about the healthcare delivery system and the patient’s needs. Theses physicians are properly trained and tasked with diagnosing a number of patients, curing their injuries and either admitting them to the hospital or discharging them after necessary treatment.


Procedure where Emergency Medication is needed


The usage of Emergency Tonics is not an easy task. The physician needs to have a broad field of knowledge and optimum procedural skills. There are number procedures where there is a need of emergency antidotes and these procedures include: (Note: These antidotes or drugs can be availed from the above mentioned site.)


  • Surgical procedures
  • Trauma resuscitation
  • Advanced Airway Management 
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support etc



Additionally, the paramedic or physician must possess the skills of many specialists to handle the emergency medication. Some of these skills are:


·         The ability to resuscitate a patient (Critical Care Medicine).

·         Ability to handle a critical airway (Anaesthesia).

·         Work- up a fractured bone (orthopaedic surgery).

·         Manage a pregnant patient having a vaginal bleeding (Gynaecology).

·         Deal with a complex laceration (Plastic surgery).

·         Reduce a severe nose bleeding (ENT).

·         Treat a heart attack (Cardiology).

·         Suture strokes (Neurology).

·         Conduct as well as intercept x-rays along with ultrasound (radiology).



Most commonly used Emergency Tonics are: 


·         Epinephrine- Used to increases the rate of heart along with constricting the blood vessels.

·         Sodium Bicarbonate- Acts like a buffer in respiratory acidosis.

·         Lidocaine- This is a local anesthetic drug.

·         Furosemide- Used at the time of heart failure & edema.

·         Morphine Sulphate- Helps in the treatment of acute & chronic pain.

·         Atrophine Sulphate- Used when cases of bradycardia, asystole, and cardiac arrest come across.

·         Dopamine Hydrochloride- Helpful to increase blood pressure and heart rate.

·         Nitroglycerin- Vasodilator to cure some heart conditions.




All the above mentioned medications are just few of the many Emergency Medicines available at Quadmed.com This site is the first source for the first responders, physicians, paramedics or other rescue professionals who are looking for emergency drugs at an affordable price. 




·         Ability to handle a critical airway (Anaesthesia).


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